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Trespasser brags about being American


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A trespasser insulted police officers and bragged about being an American, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.

The American defendant, 51, resisted an Emirati captain and a Yemeni policeman when they tried to shackle him and take him inside the Bur Dubai Police Station’s detention ward. He had been arrested for trespassing.

He insulted the policeman and also used foul statements targeting the police force at large.

He also uttered threats against the policeman. Before prosecutors, he expressed remorse. Hearing continues on July 8.

On the record, the captain, 34, narrated that he was inside his office at the police station when CID cops brought the defendant to be placed in detention for having breached the privacy of someone else’s property.

After necessary procedures, the captain handed him to the policeman, 29, to put him inside.

The defendant had a bag. The policeman said the law stipulated that detainees had to leave their items in an allocated section.

The policeman was talking to the cops when the defendant started yelling at him. “I did not talk to him. He continued shouting. He refused to enter the detention ward. An hour later, I shacked him,” said the policeman.

The captain said, “I heard him screaming. He was at the ward’s entrance. He claimed that cops stopped him from entering because he had a bag. And that the policeman beat him. I allowed him to enter with his bag.

“Paramedics came and confirmed he had no assault mark on his body. I walked him towards the ward. He resisted and sat on the corridor’s floor.

“He refused to proceed and vowed not to enter unless his legs were broken.

“Cops overpowered him. He hit his head against the wall and repeatedly shouted that he was an American. He was returned to my office. He insulted the police.” He posed fierce resistance. Cops subdued and put him inside.

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