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Driver in the dock for abusing girl child in car


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Mohamed Yasin, Staff Reporters

A 34-year-old Asian driver sexually harassed a seven-year-old girl under duress taking advantage of her being alone while transporting her.

The details go back to May when the driver harassed the girl while transporting her and her sister to their home, according to the girl’s statement.

The girl’s sister said that the driver repeated his abusive behaviour more than once, as when the girl slapped him on the face, he tried again. The two children told their parents who reported the incident to the police.

The driver accordingly was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, which referred him to the Criminal Court. He is in custody.

Fake Passport

The Public Prosecution in Dubai referred an African woman to the Criminal Court on the charge of entering the country with a forged European passport.

The incident took place last May when the defendant was caught attempting to enter the country via Dubai International Airport for a vacation as a European tourist with a fake passport.

However, the passport officer of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai International Airport detected the passport was fake via the passport reading machine that automatically reads the data. It was found that the photo on the original passport was different form the fake one. He immediately reported the incident and the defendant was referred to the competent authorities.She is currently in custody.


The Sharjah Criminal Court on Monday sentenced three Asian defendants to six months in prison to be followed by deportation over damaging a restaurant in the emirate of Sharjah for robbery. They were able to steal Dhs8,000 after breaking into the restaurant at night.

The three defendants were arrested after the police were alerted about a robbery in the Muwailh district of the Emirate.

The security forces identified the perpetrators through their fingerprints and arrested them in their house.

The three accused confessed to storming into the restaurant and stealing the aforementioned sum.

The defendants also admitted to the charges against them before the Court.

The first and the second convict had broken into the restaurant with the intention of robbery, while the third was watching the way outside the restaurant. They divided the stolen money among themselves equally, the Court heard.

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