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Workers attack couple, steal money


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Mohamed Yasin, Mahmoud Muhsen, Staff Reporters   

The Public Prosecution in Dubai on Sunday referred a 25-year-old Asian worker and another fugitive to the Criminal Court over assaulting a woman and her husband and stealing their Dhs2,000.

In the incident that took place last February, the accused and the fugitive knocked on the door of the couple’s house. One of the defendants attacked the wife and tried to remove a gold ring from her hand. The two defendants caused wounds to the couple with a “broken bottle” while stealing Dhs2,000 from the wife.

In the prosecution’s investigation, she said, “The defendants knocked on the door of the apartment and when I opened it, the accused and another person stormed into the apartment with a broken glass and asked us to hand over all our possessions.”

The major defendant in the case admitted to assaulting the victims with the complicity of another “fugitive.” The Court ordered that he continue to remain in custody until the next session.

Charge against maids

The Sharjah Misdemeanour Court on Sunday heard a case in which two African maids were accused of prostitution after being caught by security agents in a hotel with a sum of money in their possession.

According to the official records, the two defendants escaped from their sponsor’s house and went to a hotel for prostitution with two people who were waiting for them in the hotel. The defendants were arrested late at night in a hotel with a large sum of money in their possession. They were referred to the forensic medicine.

Faced by the charges levelled against them by the court, one of the defendants denied what was mentioned in the Public Prosecution interrogations, saying that there was no translator to the African language that she spoke during the interrogations. The second defendant confessed to their presence in the hotel when they were arrested but were there to meet their friends.

Based on this, the court ordered the session to be adjourned till July 22 to listen to the testimony of other witnesses. The court also ordered the Public Prosecution to set the defendants free and keep their passports in custody if they were not convicted in other cases.

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