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Patient accused of raping woman freed


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A man with three infectious diseases who allegedly raped a woman walked free from the Dubai Criminal Court on Sunday. A forensic report disproved her claim.

The Arab man, 40, was on trial on suspicion he spotted the Arab woman, 24, at a dance club in a hotel in Al Baraha on May 12, 2018, approached her and started flirting. She turned down his advances.

She was leaving at around 6am when he offered to drive her home. She refused and took a taxi. He tailed it until her home in Nahdah. He entered the lift with her. She did not take the matter serious.

She was opening her flat’s door when he pounced on her. She shouted and tried to lock it but he gripped her hand holding the key, turned it and the door opened. He pushed her and kicked her inside.

She fell down in the corridor, stood up and ran while screaming and asking him who he was.

He told her to choose between letting him do what he wanted and getting slaughtered there and then.

He switched off her mobile, grabbed her hair, dragged her to her bedroom and pushed her inside. He clutched her neck and abused her while threatening to slit her throat if she resisted or moved.

She cried begging him not to offend her. He insisted he had to show her what he wanted. She heard a loud knock on the door. It was her fiancé who had heard her screams. He rescued her.

She hit the defendant with her shoe. He broke a flower vase and brandished a piece threatening to assault them.

She knifed his arm. Her fiancé ran outside, locked the door and summoned the police.

A medical report showed he suffered from Aids, Hepatitis C and Syphilis. In court he denied the abuse.

“In the name of God I did nothing wrong to her.” A forensic report confirmed there was no sign of abuse.

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