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Alleged abuser handed lenient punishment


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A supermarket client who allegedly lured its female accountant with a dinner offer and abused her inside a desert was on Tuesday slapped on the wrist.

The Asian defendant –a project manager, 39- reportedly befriended the Filipina victim, 25, and started chatting with her on Whatsapp. He invited her for dinner at around 8:30pm on Nov.14 last year, she explained.

He reassured her that he would not hurt her. He drove her in his car to a restaurant. She asked him to return her home. He refused and offered to take her for coffee at a café. He took her to one along Al Qudra Street.

Later, he sped off along a street as she asked him where he was heading. He refused to tell her. He diverted off the road and sped to a sandy area then pulled over under trees in a scary dark area where he abused her.

Prosecutors demanded the toughest punishment.

During stages of interrogations, he contended they had a consensual affair. The Dubai Criminal Court imprisoned him for six months plus deportation.

On the record, the woman said he employed his physical strength to overpower her and clutch her to the car’s rear seat. She tried to free herself but he bit her right calf and she surrendered under unbearable leg pain.

He also grabbed her by the neck, slapped her face and punched her stomach.

He attacked her while filming her with his mobile. He drove her back home while vowing to kill her in case she complained to the police.

He was leaving when he intimidated her that he had friends working in government bodies and that he would notify everyone about the incident in case she declined to answer his calls or he failed to find her.

During police questioning he argued he had photos in his mobile phone showing her acting upon her consent.

On her part, the victim argued that the defendant took the photos and videos after beating her up.

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