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Woman issues dud cheque to husband


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Aya Al Deeb, Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporters

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal on Monday heard the case of a Gulf woman charged with issuing a dud cheque for Dhs569,000 to her husband.

The defendant explained to the court that she gave a blank cheque to her husband for use as a bank guarantee and that her husband promised her that he would tear the cheque as soon as the guarantee was no longer needed. He, however, kept the cheque with him and when a dispute arose between them, he wrote his name on the cheque and filed a complaint against her, she said.

More disputes arose between the woman and her husband and developed into a threat that he would kill her with a sharp tool ‘knife’, she said, adding that her husband later wrote his name on the old cheque and used it against her.

The judge of the Court of Appeal asked the defendant if she had any witnesses from her family members or relatives that she had given her husband the cheque as a bank guarantee, but the defendant’s reply was in the negative.

She, however, confirmed there were witnesses to the marital differences between them and to him brandishing a knife as a threat to kill her, adding that these differences prompted him to write his name on the cheque.

The court decided to defer its verdict to Monday August 19 session to summon the husband.

Meanwhile, an African sales representative, 37, coercively harassed an Arab visitor, taking advantage of being alone with her in the lift of a hotel. Dubai Public Prosecution referred the defendant to the Dubai Criminal Court.

The incident occurred this month when the defendant replied with indecent words to an Arab woman who asked him a question during their presence in the lift of a hotel. The defendant confessed to coercively harassing the victim during Public Prosecution interrogations.

In an unrelated case, recently, a UAE businessman sued a local bank demanding Dhs60 million in compensation for financial loss and the psychological stress he incurred due to the bank’s negligence. According to the Emirati, he issued a cheque for Dhs10 million for the payment of a plot of land but the bank failed to honour the cheque.

The bank allegedly claim the signature on the cheque did not match the one on the account in the bank’s system.The seller of the land filed a criminal case against the buyer for paying him with a dud cheque.

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