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Man nicks number plates to mislead police


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court in Dubai on Sunday looked into a case, in which a 24-year-old Khaleeji man stole two car number plates in complicity with two other fugitives.

According to the police record, the incident dates back to August last year, when the owner of the vehicles filed a complaint with the police.

A police officer stated during the prosecution’s investigation that the suspects stole the number plates for fixing them on another vehicle in order to mislead the authorities after committing robberies at a number of shops in one of the emirates.

The witness continued, “The major suspect, along with other fugitives, committed a number of robberies in various shops using a car with the stolen number plates.”

Through the investigation and search, the police identified the suspects and arrested them, while seizing the stolen plates from their possession, the officer confirmed.

In an unrelated development, the Criminal Court in Dubai on Sunday looked into the case of two Khaleeji men, a compatriot woman and a man without identification papers, who impersonated CID detectives to abduct an Asian man, 26, and rob him.

The details of the case date back to last February, when the victim lodged a complaint with the police indicating that two persons riding a vehicle stopped him while walking in a street and claimed they were CID detectives. They asked him to get into the vehicle, he added.

He was told he was wanted in one of the cases and ordered to show his ID card. The defendants snatched his wallet while taking out the ID card and took the money inside it before forcing him to get off the car in a deserted area.

The victim told the police that the defendants held him for an hour inside the vehicle and stole Dhs850.

In the police investigation, the third defendant (woman) admitted that she had allowed the suspect to drive her vehicle with knowledge that they would use it for robbery.

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