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Parent with medical mask sparks panic at Dubai school


The photo has been used for illutrative purposes.

Dubai Police said that the issue of suspicious activity involving an unidentified individual at the GEMS Wellington School on Al Khail Road in Al Barsha has been solved. The police said all students are safe.

The Dubai Police officers, after investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, said a Latin American woman left a detergent at the school wearing a medical mask and carrying cleaning tools prompting school authorities to raise an alarm.

According to authorities the woman, who is a parent went to the school to contribute cleaning materials and educate the workers on how to effectively clean.

The police said at 11 am this morning it had received information about suspicious activities at the institution.

The police said the woman (a parent in her 30s) entered the school wearing a medical mask and carrying some cleaning powder and detergents in a bid to participate in cleaning the school premises and show the school’s cleaners “how to clean properly.”

In a follow-up to the activities, the concerned school department sent an urgent text message, which raised fear in the parents and when the police moved in.

The officers have successfully dealt with the situation and secured the location.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media at Dubai Police, has called on the public to disregard any rumours regarding the safety and security of the emirate. Al Qasim also called the public to refer to the force’s official channels for reliable information.


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