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Man threatens to blow up mother’s villa


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A man brandished and threatened to detonate a gas cylinder inside his mother’s villa after she told his visiting friend to leave, a jury heard on Monday.

The Arab defendant, 32, smashed windows of both a Hyundai and BMW car belonging to his sister and stole her Dhs23,000. He threatened to explode the cylinder.

The mother sought police help, prosecutors explained.

Prosecutors revealed to the Dubai Criminal Court’s jury that the defendant threatened to blow up the villa in case the mother or anyone of the family members contacted the police.

“Yes I threatened her. I was extremely angry,” he said.

Judge Habib Amer asked to know why he was aggressive to his mother.

"We disputed over something,” he contended and expressed remorse saying, “I am sorry."

Police and prosecution records showed he smashed his sister’s safe.

He denied stealing her money but admitted to have smashed her cars’ windows. He presented a waiver from his mother. The ruling will be on June 27.

In prosecution records, his mother –an Emirati housewife, 55- complained that she was inside the villa at around 12:00pm on April 21 when he returned home with his friend. After a while, she asked the friend to leave.

The defendant walked out in a fit of rage. He smashed the windshields of both cars. He carried the gas cylinder and threatened to detonate it inside the villa. The fear-stricken mother and family members rushed out.

They did not return home until the next morning. They found the gate and the villa’s main door were left open. They went to the bedroom she shared with her daughter and found contents scattered and a safe smashed.

Dhs23,000 of the total Dhs45, 000 her daughter had kept in the safe was missing. The mother contacted the police. Cops from Rashidiyah Police Station detained him, frisked him and found him with the stolen money.


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