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Police corporal arraigned for beating sergeants


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A corporal battered two sergeants dispatched to detain him after he snuck into the house of a woman he was wishing for, a jury heard on Sunday.

The Arab defendant, 24, was referred to the Dubai Criminal Court for having resisted arrest and beat up two of the law enforcement officers who were sent by the Criminal Investigations Department, as per records.

An Emirati sergeant, 25, narrated that he and another sergeant were dispatched to the house in Al Barsha to join other officers in getting the defendant out. They found him sitting between two policemen on a sofa.

He insisted he would not get out unless the woman accepted to marry him. “The officer in charge of the operation told us to arrest him for breaching the house’s privacy. I requested him to follow me,” said the sergeant.

“He refused to comply however much I requested him. I held his arm to get him up. He resisted and pulled the arm. I shackled his hand. He struck my chest with his other arm’s elbow and hit my arm with the shackles.”

The police team intervened, apprehended the defendant and walked him towards the patrol vehicle as he resisted and strived to push them away from the vehicle. However, they joined hands to force him inside it.

The sergeant’s colleague said the police operations room received a complaint that a man entered the woman’s home against her consent and did not want to leave. “We went there and found the woman outside.

“A senior officer dispatched a support patrol. We entered upon the woman’s permission and found the defendant on the second floor. We asked him to get out. He refused and vowed not to do so,” said the colleague.

“We seized him in preparation to force him out. He resisted, beat me, the officer in charge and other CID officers. However, we managed to subdue him and take him to Al Barsha Police Station.” Case continues.


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