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Online beggar makes Dhs184,000 in 17 days


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

A divorcee posted her children’s photos online and made $50,000 (Dhs184,000) in begging. The children were enjoying a decent life with their father, police revealed on Sunday.

Dubai Police personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department apprehended 128 beggars during this year’s Ramadan anti-begging campaign, explained the department’s director Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf.

In a new incident, a divorced expat woman used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to attract donors and gull them into arranging expenses of raising her children. She posted their photos to back the claim she was suffering.

She managed to reap $50,000 (Dhs184,000) in 17 days. The Dubai Police eCrime platform took action after her ex-husband — a GCC national- filed a complaint and proved the children were living with him for years and enjoying a decent life.

Brigadier Al Jallaf said, "The anti-begging campaign succeeded in spreading awareness in several languages. Cops nabbed 128 beggars, including 85 males and 43 females. There were 108 visitors, 19 residents, 1 Gulf national.

“Some beggars misuse social media to pose as sick, handicapped or poverty-stricken. To lure benefactors, the woman promoted herself as the victim of a failed marriage who was shouldering the expenses of her children.

“She thought no one would find out about her. Her ex-husband was surprised by phone calls from relatives in his homeland asking him about his financial condition and expressing willingness to send him financial aid.

“He was stunned by photos she posted on Facebook. He contacted the Dubai Police eCrime platform. Police discovered more accounts in which she defamed her children and harmed her ex-husband’s reputation.” Brigadier Al Jallaf called upon the public to report beggars spotted in public places or those who misuse social media sites Police advise those in need to head to charity bodies to assess their conditions and assist them accordingly.

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