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Malaysians celebrate Eid at embassy


Malaysian brotherhood and fraternity at a previous Open House for the Eid Al Fitr celebrations organised at the Malaysian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Eid Al Fitr on Tuesday again became the reason for Malaysians in Abu Dhabi and the Western Region for camaraderie and for re-strengthening their ties.

Malaysian Embassy officials led by Ambassador Syed Mohammad Hasrin Tengku Hussin hosted the customary communal prayers and feasting, known as “Open House.”

Maintenance engineer Muhammad Zamry, ADNOC Drilling archiving specialist Adly Izmail Karim and their families were among those who went there and took part in the bonding and traditional home-cooked fare such as Ketupat (cooked rice wrapped in young palm leaves), Rendang  (spicy meat dish), and Serunding (meat floss with or without grated coconut).

Zamry from Kuala Lumpur was excited to meet up with his fellow Malaysians at the embassy: “We were in our traditional clothes. It was home away from home as we gathered for the prayers and our traditional food.”

He was looking forward to visiting friends at the capital.

Karim from Kuala Terengganu specifically mentioned their home-cooked Serunding: “It is our fourth year here in the UAE. Part of this special affair is forgiveness. We do that by asking sincerely for it and shaking hands with each other’s.”

Malaysian Embassy Counsellor Anis Wajdi Mohammad Yusof and his family from Putrajaya arrived for his Abu Dhabi posting five months back and so this is their first Eid Al Fitr in the country.

“As a diplomat, assisting in the Open House is part of our unofficial duties. I and my family are taking advantage of the week-long holiday to get to know more of our brothers here and to get (acquainted) with how the locals observe the Eid.”

Etihad Airways-Aircraft Programmes manager Abdul Shukor Ismail from Alor Setar, Kedah defined Eid Al Fitr as the “big day” wherein the men don their traditional attire called “Baju Melaya” as the counterpart for women is termed as “Baju Kurung.”

“It is a celebration of love, family and above all, (gratefulness) to Allah,” he added.

For Directional Drilling supervisor Kama Azlan Muhammad, it was a day of home visits and reflection: “As we ended the Holy Month of Ramadan, have we become much better human beings? I and my family also prayed for our beloved who have left us.”

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