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Indonesian Consulate gears up for Eid


It is another joyful celebration at the Indonesian Consulate General in Al Hudaiba, Dubai this Eid Al Fitr.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

Indonesians in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are looking at spending time with their countrymen at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesian in Al Hudaiba, Dubai this first day of the Eid Al Fitr.

The tradition has been ongoing for years and each is excited to do just that like airport service agent Yuliana Susanto, Emirates Airlines supervisor Cinta Budiarsya, managing director Zaini Wardani Sitorus, and administration coordinator Monica Lanny Witanto.

Susanto of Dubai and from Jakarta: “We are going to have big festivities at the consulate general. I will be able to meet my fellow Indonesians from other parts of the UAE. We will savor our very traditional and special Indonesian Eid cuisine. I love that.”

Budiarsya of Dubai and Jakarta: “I am going to the consulate general with my family and best friends. I am going to enjoy special Indonesian food served only at Eid.

“Dubai is one of the best places to celebrate Eid with family. There are a lot of places to visit. My kids have chosen the Al Quran Park and the Warner Bros.”

Dubai International Airport flight controller Chessy of Dubai and Jakarta: “I am on my morning work shift. Luckily, my supervisor gave me an excuse to have time for Eid prayers. This is one of the blessings in my job.

“I and my flat mate have invited some of our friends to our home to celebrate the Eid and enjoy Indonesian cuisine.

“I will be back at our flat after I am done with my duties to prepare for our open house.”

Hotelier Dewi Turker of Dubai and from Bali: “I will be visiting my Muslim friends in Dubai to celebrate the Eid. The next day, I will visit my friends in Abu Dhabi for two days. We will go cultural sightseeing.”

Sitorus of Dubai and from Medan, North Sumatra: “As an expat, I and my family miss Indonesia’s tradition for Eid. But Alhamdulillah, here also I have good relationships with friends and my husband’s family, so we still feel that we are in our country.

“As usual, one day before the Eid I am preparing some food (Indonesian and Arabic) to be eaten after our Eid Al Fitr prayers.

“We are going to the consulate general too. My husband has a big family. We are going to visit them all in one day which means going to their homes until the night.

“We are going to visit our friends in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman throughout the remaining days of the holidays.”

Witanto of Dubai and from Jakarta: “By God’s grace, I am blessed to have the chance in joining my Muslim fellows’ immersion of the holy month by attending the early Eid prayer at the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai, on a voluntary basis.

“Afterwards, there will be the victory celebration. I just cannot wait to have the ‘must eat Eid dishes like the Ketupat Lebaran (rice cooked in young wooden palm leaves). The food and the companionship we have with one another make me feel home away from home!” Emirates Flight Catering chef Saugi Sulaiman Ajaj of Dubai and from Karawang, West Java: “Like last year, after the Eid prayer, I am doing the halal bi halal (the Indonesian tradition of visiting and paying respect to their elders in their family, neighborhood, and the at workplace during the Eid Al Fitr).

“I am going back to work when I am done with that because as a chef and especially during this special day, I have responsibilities to do quality checks for the food that will be served on board the aircraft.”

Government oil company engineer Muhammad Ruslailing of Dubai: “For us Indonesians, Eid Al Fitr is about togetherness. As usual, I am going to visit my friends in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are going to enjoy our traditional Indonesian food. After all, Eid Al Fitr is also about sharing happiness, staying connected and embracing or accepting one another’s beliefs (regardless) of religious background.”

Employee Erlnagga Tambas of Dubai and from Bandung, West Java: “I and my family will be in our hometown this Eid Al Fitr. It has been five years since we visited our family and relatives there.

“It is the best time to be with them now. Our mother, we call her mudik (Bahasa Indonesia) had a big surgery. We are also going to present to her her little beautiful angel grandchild.”

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