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Minor girls rescued from a Dubai nightclub


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Four minor girls, identified as Bangladeshis have been rescued from a nighclub in Deira by Dubai Police.

The girls, who are between the age of 16 and 17, came into the country at different time last year to take up jobs as dancers at a nightclub in Al Muraqabbat.

Earlier this year, the police got an alert about underage looking dancers working in a nightclub.

The Dubai Police raided the club and found 19 women and five defendants.

According to the police all the women they found during the raid were involved in flesh trade. Four out of the 19 were under the age of 18.

The victims have been refered to a Women and Children's Shelter after the raid.

According to authority the defendants brought the victims into the country by forging their age on their passports.

One of the victims said she came to work as a dancer because of the need to support her family back home.

The defendants have been charged with human trafficking but they denied it. Trails will resume on June 18.



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