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Three men punished for mugging ATM user


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

Three men who waged sixteen robberies targeting ATM users in Jebel Ali have seen their prison term in one of the robberies doubled by the Dubai Appeals Court.

The Asian labourer, 20, workmate, 23, and countryman, 24, were among a gang of street robbers skilled in monitoring, stalking and mugging bank clients. On Jul.26.2018 they stalked an Indian victim, 32, prosecutors said.

He stopped to ease himself. They clutched him, rained punches on his face causing his nose and mouth to bleed. They snatched his mobile phone and wallet containing Dhs410, an ATM card, an Emirates ID and an Indian ID.

They fled leaving him languishing on the ground. The Dubai Criminal Court imprisoned them for three months to be followed by deportation. Prosecutors have convinced the Appeals Court to award them six months.

In prosecution records, the victim narrated that he went to an ATM located outside a money shop in Jebel Ali Industrial area at around 9pm and withdrew Dhs2, 000. He entered the shop and wired Dhs1, 600 to India.  

Thereafter, he walked towards a nearby bus station. He was traversing a sandy area when he stopped within parked trucks to ease himself. Suddenly, a man came from behind, put him in a chokehold and restrained him. “I could no longer resist. Two other men showed up and repeatedly punched me in the face. A fourth man arrived and started frisking me. He took my belongings. They continued assaulting me until I fell on the ground.” Pedestrians found him languishing and contacted police and ambulance services.

An Emirati warrant officer explained that police had received numerous complaints about robbers stalking and mugging people spotted withdrawing cash from ATMs. Police investigations revealed the trio with the help of fugitive cohorts were in the habit of monitoring and mugging them.

The labourer and workmate denied. The countryman admitted and testified against them. He said they and two fugitives targeted 15 victims in Jebel Ali. They would watch someone withdrawing cash, follow him and mug him in a dark or an uninhabited area. They monitored, pursued, beat and robbed the Indian.

Another warrant officer said the countryman directed cops to the crime scene. A Yemeni sergeant said, “I found the Indian with assault signs including facial contusions. He was bleeding from the mouth and nose.” During prosecution questionings the trio confessed to the crime and the countryman recognised the victim.