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Man rapes woman after helping her find job


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Ehab Atta,  Amir Al Sonny, Staff Reporters

A 25-year-old Asian driver exploited a compatriot girl  by raping her after he invited her to dinner at his home.

The victim had to accept the defendant’s invitation  because he allegedly helped her find a job.

The 21-year-old victim testified before the Dubai Public Prosecution that she had come to the country and stayed with her aunt to look for work. She talked to one of the roommates about her need to work and told her that her brother “the accused” could help her get a job.

She  contacted the accused who managed to provide her with a job offer. She had the interview and agreed on the salary. After she finished, the interviewer transported her to the defendant’s residence at the latter’s request. When she arrived at the building where the defendant lived, he was not there. He apologized to her and asked to wait for him in the building until returning on the pretext of discussing some matters regarding the new job and having dinner together on this occasion before he could transport her to her aunt in Abu Dhabi.

“I waited until 12 pm, and when he returned he took me to his apartment where he lived. He looked drunk. When I entered, I noticed that some people sitting and drinking alcohol. He asked me to come inside a separate balcony with a door covered by a blanket so that anyone outside can not see inside,” she told the prosecution.

When they sat he said he loved her and wanted to marry her. Then he raped her before he falling asleep as he was very drunk. She managed to get out of the apartment after telling  people there that she was suffering from bleeding and need to go to the hospital.


A dispute between a married couple escalated leading the wife using her brothers to assault her husband. The quarrel drove all the parties to the Court of Fujairah, where the wife and her brothers were convicted and sentenced to a suspended six months jail term.

The Court looked into the case, in which a Khaleeji man, his Arab wife and her brothers were involved.

Because the issues were unresolved, the wife left her house and went to her family’s house. But the husband followed her there and had a heated discussion. This reportedly forced the wife’s brothers to intervene and fight against the husband with their hands which caused him minor injuries.

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