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Health Ministry unveils drug for influenza


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Iman Abdullah Al Ali and Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporters

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection revealed “Johnson & Johnson’s” contact lenses and a Japanese medicine called Antoirel for the treatment of influenza. The new medicine, if taken 48 hours before the patient feels the symptoms of the bacteria, or very high in the heat, reduces the duration of the disease from one week to one or two days maximum, according to Director of Drug Administration at the Ministry, Dr Rukia Al Bastaki.

Al Bastaki pointed out the drug enters the country for the first time, affirming that the patient needs a prescription to buy it at the pharmacy, and that it is included in the insurance package.

Regarding lenses, she said they enable the user to dispense with wearing sunglasses and help see more clearly when the user is in a place with low light.  With regard to electronic pharmacies, Al Bastaki said the law of the UAE allows electronic pharmacy under specific conditions, adding there are a number of electronic pharmacies licensed to sell drugs regularly under the umbrella of the ministry.

Al Bastaki said, “There are other medical products and medicines under registration, including antibiotics similar to existing ones.”

In another development, The Supreme Federal Court upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance sentencing three suspects to life in jail, for owning hashish. The court also ordered the suspects’ deportation and the confiscation of seizures.

According to the case papers, information was received that the second suspect had drugs in his car’s fuel tank.  After obtaining the permission of the Public Prosecution, he was arrested with the first suspect when they were standing next to a car. The car jack, screwdrivers and 100 bags containing hashish were also seized.

The suspects confessed they had the drugs which they planned to traffick in.

The prosecution charged the first with consuming hashish and the second with owning it. The third fugitive was charged in absentia with conniving with the owner of the vehicle to bring hashish from outside the UAE for trafficking and helped in concealing hashish without driver’s knowledge. The Court of First Instance previously sentenced the first, second, and third fugitives to life imprisonment.

The first was also sentenced to two years in jail on charges of abusing hashish, followed by deportation.  Seizures were confiscated .

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