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Video: This is why it is raining in the UAE over the past few weeks


A screen grab shows heavy rain in Fujairah.

Light to heavy showers continued to be experienced in various areas of the UAE over the past few weeks.

Thunderstorms, and hailstorms became a regular sight. UAE residents have been wondering, about what prompted the sudden change in weather in the region.

The United Arab Emirates is planning to capture every droplet by inducing clouds to produce rain and meet its water needs.

Its weather body, The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), has been active in cloud seeding operations, due to the accumulation of the abundant convective clouds over the UAE in several areas, specifically in the Eastern and Southern terrain, within the last few days.

The cloud seeding process is being run by the UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science.

The weather body earlier said more cloud seeding sessions is due this year.

The body has built strong partnerships and synergies with more than 2,500 researchers and specialists from various international organisations across over 70 countries, in addition to forging a wide network of local partnerships within the UAE.

Rain enhancement, a part of those activities more popularly known as ‘cloud seeding’, could offer a viable, cost-effective supplement to existing water supplies in arid and semi-arid regions.

The technique offers sufficient potential for regional governments to develop a new tool in their quest to ensure water security.

To encourage research in this promising field, the UAE has created the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science to oversee a US $5 million program to encourage scientists and researchers innovative ideas for rain enhancement science and technology.

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