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Drunk guards harass woman, attack police

Dubai courts

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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff reporter

A watchman groped and tried to abuse a watch-woman. His colleague vowed to abuse her for seeking police help, a jury heard on Tuesday.

The Asian defendant, 28, breached the modesty of the Pakistani woman at their shared residence in Rashidiyah at around 3:00pm on Mar.24. He touched her inappropriately and punched her in the face for resisting his advances.

His colleague, 25, insulted her and her compatriot friend –a Pakistani mechanic- for reporting the defendant to the police. He threatened to kill both of them and also screamed obscenities involving their family members.

Both victims complained to the police about him. Police returned to pick him up. He engaged them in a scuffle, pushed one cop against a wall and pelted them with obscenities. He and the defendant were drunk.

On the record, the woman was in the house’s yard when the defendant touched her shoulder and told her to enter a nearby washroom. She resisted and pushed him. He seized her arm and chest while telling her to enter.

He was inebriated and smelling alcohol. He insisted he wanted to be with her. She resisted and he threw a punch below her left eye. She screamed. The mechanic came to her rescue. Cops came and took the defendant away.

Shortly, the colleague walked in and learnt that both victims were the ones who called the police to nab the defendant. He insulted and threatened to kill them. The woman feared he would implement it since he was drunk.

He vowed to abuse her and her female relatives. He uttered the same statements against the mechanic. She contacted police. He posed fierce resistance during arrest and shoved a cop against a wall. He called cops bad names and uttered that he would abuse their female relatives.

The mechanic said he was inside the house when he heard her screaming. He walked out and saw the defendant seizing her, trying to push her inside the washroom and insisting he wanted her there. “I confronted him,” explained the mechanic. “He picked a piece of metal to hit me.

“I fled back inside the room and contacted the police. The defendant’s colleague insulted my mother and vowed to kill me. When police came to detain him he resisted and said things against their mothers and sisters.” The woman complained that she sustained injuries.

The woman complained that she sustained injuries. A Bahraini corporal and a Sudanese policeman seconded the testimonies of the woman and mechanic. They additionally complained that the defendant’s colleague resisted arrest and insulted them too. Case continues.


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