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Rumours of deadly canned tuna in Dubai refuted


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The Dubai Municipality has addressed the rumours of a type of canned tuna in the UAE being unsafe for consumption.

According to local media reports, rumours concerning a canned tuna under the brand name of ‘Anguelmo’ being unsafe for consumption have been circulating on different social media platforms.

The online rumours state that ‘Anguelmo’ canned tuna is made from synthetic fibres that can lead to deadly health problems.

Dubai Municipality refuted the rumours in a statement saying that it is not based on any scientific evidence or official sources.

The Municipality added that all imported products are inspected by the Food Safety Department, which verifies that they are safe for consumption.

It added that samples of 166 canned tunas from different brands have been tested and certified for consumption.

‘Anguelmo’ canned tuna is not registered with the Food Safety Department and it is not sold in the local markets, Dubai Municipality added.

Dubai Municipality is conducting thorough inspections of food warehouses, hypermarkets, cooperative societies and retail stores in Dubai.

The inspections will be regularly carried out during the month of Ramadan, in order to ensure that stores and hypermarkets are applying the necessary and health requirements the Municipality imposes on food.

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