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Expert’s tips on how to live healthily in UAE


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Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

A frequent UAE visitor, medical doctor-turned-natural health advocate and vegan who has observed the increasing healthy lifestyle among the residents and the growing number of “healthy restaurants” in major areas, encourages everyone to grow their own organic vegetable gardens even in small plots and up in the terraces.

Dr Nandita Shah from India shared her views on the pesticide-free gardening in her latest visit to Dubai wherein she gave a full-day seminar on “Reversing Diabetes & Hypertension” among other talks.

For her, delicious food is that which supports sustainability and ecological balance.

The founder of Sharan, the organisation into “disease reversal through food” was asked of her assessment on how UAE residents are being transformed into healthy consumers.

Shah said that while cuisines from all parts of the globe play a significant role in the UAE, the country being the home of almost 200 nationalities, people also have been “taking action before it is too late.”

“The main source of entertainment is food. Parties, social get-togethers, eating out is very common. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease), hypothyroid, cancers, infertility, kidney failure are very common. Gyms, yoga classes, natural therapies and wellness studios are found everywhere. Healthy restaurants have started appearing. As they say when you reach rock bottom, then the only direction available is up towards, and this is what is happening here.”

Shah, the 2016 recipient of India’s most prestigious award, the Nari Shakti Award, for her contributions in the field of health and nutrition, said it is possible in the UAE to live healthily “because organic food is available.”

Shah is glad of the growing movement in organic farming, saying “there is no point in poisoning our bodies further.”

“I think one of the reasons we are sick is because we are out of touch with nature. If we were to grow our own food, then, we would know exactly how to eat and when,” she also said, labelling the organic vegetable gardening as “highly recommended.”

Shah has been pushing for healthy food and nutrition having realised and understood that “in general medicines never cure” and that the only way to go into complete healing is “to help people take charge of their health, to train doctors and nutritionists on the art of healing through food, and cooking instructors and chefs on the best ways to prepare delicious food that heals.”

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