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Fake judge, specialist swindle Dhs240,000


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Hamza M Sengendo, Staff Reporter

 A fake legal transactions clearance specialist and a fake judge duped a woman into paying them to replace her husband’s jail terms by fines.

The Asian sales agent, 33, forged payment receipts attributed to the Dubai Courts and presented them to the Indian housewife, 50. He and an unemployed Arab accomplice, 46, swindled Dhs240, 000 from her.

The agent claimed he was a public prosecution and courts transactions clearance specialist. He hosted her inside a Dubai hotel and said it belonged to him and his associate (the accomplice) the Criminal Court heard.

He claimed the accomplice was both a judge and a brother of an ex-police commander-in-chief who could replace any jail term with a fine. The accomplice claimed he had connections with judges and lawyers.

On the record, an Indian businessman was detained over a series of cheque cases. His wife frequented courts and the prosecution to get him out on bail. She was at the courts’ entrance crying when the agent arrived. He offered to help her end all cases and get him out. Meanwhile, her husband was bailed following a plea she earlier entered. Days later, the agent told her that the husband was fined Dhs55, 000 over two cases.

“I met him at the courts in the presence of my husband and paid him. He entered the execution section and returned with a receipt. I paid him Dhs25, 000 over another cheque case. He gave me a receipt.

“Days later, he told me there was a labour case against my husband and that we should better pay otherwise he would be arrested at the court and I too would be arrest on grounds my visa had expired.

“I paid him Dhs30, 000. He gave me a receipt showing it was issued by the court. He later told me a Dhs45, 000 fine was slapped against my husband. I paid as well and he gave me a court receipt,” she explained.

The agent took Dhs30, 000 alleged visa renewal fees from her. In April 2018 her husband was detained again. The agent asked her to hand him all the receipts so he could show them to the courts to release her husband. He later told her his employer (the accomplice) would get him out.

The accomplice demanded Dhs25, 000 to solve a civil lawsuit a bank filed against him plus Dhs25, 000 legal defence fees. He claimed he changed all jail sentences to fines. She approached authorities to know why his release was taking long. She learnt both conned her.

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