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Fake detective caged for abusing woman


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Hamza M. Sengendo, Staff Reporter

An employee posed as a detective in army fatigue to take a woman away and assault her. He was jailed for seven years on Tuesday.

The Arab defendant, 32, reportedly made use a military uniform to intercept the Filipina hotel employee at a location in Jafiliya and take her inside the corridor of a building in the Dubai International City on June.6.2018.

The victim and her Kenyan workmate were strolling at around 3am in the holy month of Ramadan when the defendant arrived in a car. He stepped out demanding to know why they were laughing and walking together at that time, the Criminal Court learnt.

He claimed he was a criminal investigations department cop. He examined the workmate’s ID and ordered him to go away. The victim asked him whether he also wanted to check her ID, he said no and ordered her to enter his car.

He claimed that in case she answered the questions he was going to pose her he would let go of her, otherwise he would throw her behind bars. While at a traffic signal, he started making advances but she pushed his hand away.

He grabbed her by the hair and forced her to disrobe. He took her to the building. He mishandled her in the lift. He took her to the corridor where he committed the assault. Thereafter, she took a hotel to her residence and complained.

She recognised him during an identity parade. He confessed before police then retracted his confession before prosecutors and claimed policemen had threatened to beat him. However, during further prosecution questioning he confessed again but claimed she accepted to be with him against Dhs300.

The victim’s Kenyan workmate said the victim returned in a taxi and stepped out crying. On asking her the reason, she said the man who took her away assaulted her. The Pakistani cabbie said the victim was grief-stricken. Forensic examiners detected the defendant’s traces on her.

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