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Get a sound, restful sleep for health, productivity


A young girl sleeps on the couch at a apartment.

Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Senior Reporter

A Dubai-based certified sleep consultant have one thing to say to those who have lost a good number of hours of good sleep: “Never think that you will not sleep.”

Julie Mallon of the Nurture to Sleep consultancy was interviewed  when the first-ever “Sleep Expo Middle East” was recently held at the Dubai Festival City Arena that focused on advancing the sleep movement as sleep deprivation has become a global epidemic and a public health issue.

Lacasa iD design director Patrick Bean was also interviewed with regard to the best interior design and floor plan for a good sleep.

He said the “magic trick” to the bedroom layout is simplicity wherein the bed, as the centrepiece, is “in the centre of the main wall, rather than pushing one side up against the adjacent wall;” the colour scheme “is not too vibrant” even as colour is important to any interior; and different kinds of lightings such as table and floor lamps “and even reading sconces will add to the ambience.”

Gulf Today asked Mallon how adults can achieve a good sleep in the midst of busy work and social calendars and amidst stressors such as problems and worries.

Mallon agreed that modern times have created a lot of stressors and have webbed duties and responsibilities within family circles and at workplaces: “(All these) have led to anxiety and overactive and wired brains.”

She continued: “It will be helpful to explore our perspective on sleep and what may hinder our ability to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep. Stress and fearful thoughts create tension in the body and a body that is tense will not be able to fall into deep sleep. While all of us experience bouts of insomnia at some point in our lives, let us then not fear of being able to fall asleep because that fear will keep us from falling asleep.”

In relation to Bean’s suggestions for a conducive bedroom for a good sleep, Mallon not only emphasised the worth of owning a “comfortable mattress” but pressed on for a “quiet, dark, comfortable and cool” sleep area “with the use of blackout curtains (which) prove to be invaluable.”

Mallon explained: “Even the most inconspicuous glow, like that from a digital alarm clock can disrupt sleep. Better yet, wear eye-mask. Also, the use of an alarm clock as opposed to your phone will ensure a more restful sleep.”

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