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Rashid Centre students amaze Pakistani artists


The students were over the moon on seeing the Pakistani artists and added to the full-on entertainment.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A group of Pakistani artists who visited the Rashid Centre for Determined Ones got emotional on witnessing the performance of the students and termed their tour of the facility as the memorable experience of a lifetime. They also appreciated the services and rehabilitation courses of the centre in building confidence and various skills among the students of determination.

The group of Pakistani artists, which included singer Umair Jaswal, actress Sanaa Javed, singer Aima Baig and Faisal Khan, visited the Rashid Centre to spend some time with the students in a solidarity gesture. They were received by Maryam Othman, Director of the Centre, who elaborated on the various services and rehabilitation programmes.

Talking to Gulf Today, the artists expressed their experiences and vowed to extend their full support to include these children in the mainstream.

“The tour at the centre gives us an opportunity to see the services and rehabilitation programmes being offered to the children of determination. Most important, I was amazed to witness the confidence level of these children which is beyond any expression. I think the students of Rashid Centre have more confidence than many from the same age in the mainstream. I really became emotional to see them perform to different dance beats while seeing many in different sections engaged in various learning programmes,” said Umair Jaswal.

He said that these students were special in every way in learning, showcasing their talent in different fields and expressing their feelings to tell you that they have dreams and want to achieve their goals, which was an amazing experience.

He also expressed his gratitude towards the centre for inviting them and showing their services with a highly skilled staff and tools being used in various classrooms. “Seeing these children perform various skills with a pure heart made my day,” he said.

Jaswal’s songs have gained a lot of views on YouTube and he was nominated in 2013 as Pakistan’s Youth Ambassador by the International Human Rights Commission.

Sanaa Javed said that the tour of Rashid Centre was a therapeutic one for herself. They were so moved by the performance of the students that at one point they were unable to hold back their tears. “It was indeed our first visit to the Centre to review the overall operation. It was an unforgettable experience, every detail, even the minutest one, was taken care of. Everything was amazing. Hats off to Rashid Centre for providing various learning and rehabilitation services,” she said.

Aima Baig termed the experience as mesmerising. “I was impressed that the students who were part of the Rashid Stars prepared for performances of our songs and the dedication they put in their performances literally brought tears to my eyes. I will not forget their performances and would love to extend my support by all means,” she said.

Maryam Othman told Gulf Today that like always famous showbiz personalities from across the world pay a visit to the centre. “They make our students, who showcase their talent in different fields for the guests, very emotional. People especially from the world of showbiz should visit these students often as a kind gesture and encourage them to learn more diligently and become inclusive in the mainstream society,” she said.

The group of Pakistani artists had performed in ‘A Mystical Dream’ concert held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Festival City earlier. The concert was packed to the rafters as all 700 seats were sold out, which reflects that the Pakistani artists have a huge number of admirers in the multinational community of Dubai. “The response from the different segments of society, including Emiratis, Chinese, Indians and of course Pakistanis, at the recent concert had encouraged us to plan such events every three months,” said Faisal Khan, CEO Mesmerise Events, the organiser of the event at the Festival City.

Famous folk singer Attaullah Khan Essakhelvi, Umair Jaswal, Sanaa Javed, Aima Baig and young Dubai-based singer Mustafa Khan performed for the ecstatic audience.

Attaullah, one of the prominent Pakistani singers, performed in Dubai after a break of nine years and received a tremendous applause from the audience who enjoyed his famous numbers.

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