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Four accused of damaging, selling vehicle


The defendant will be deported after jail term.

Mohammed Barakat, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Criminal Court adjourned a case in which four Asians were accused of damaging and selling a vehicle to April 29 so that the first defendant would be summoned and a list of civil claims would be submitted by the company.

According to the official records, the defendants had rented a 4WD vehicle from a rent-a-car company and disrupted its tracking device before they sold it to another person. Later, the vehicle owner notified the police that a car belonging to his company had been stolen.

The defendants denied the charge levelled to them by the court saying that they did not know how to disable a tracking device and were not aware that the car had been sold.

The court heard the testimony of the company manager who confirmed that a formal contract had been made with the defendants for renting a Lexus Station from his company. He added that three days after the defendants were absent, he called the police and told them that the car had been missing.

Ehab Atta reported that The Dubai Criminal Court on Monday sentenced an Asian, 33, to three months in jail with stay of execution to be followed by deportation on charges of accessing and disabling 15 websites of his company’s customers after his company had deducted Dhs4,000 from his salary. The company owner filed a complaint with the Dubai Public Prosecution against the defendant, who worked as a computer programmer responsible for the websites supervised by the company operating in the field of media and hosting websites.

Earlier, the defendant notified the victim and the company management that he wanted to quit but the company management told him that he would have to pay first Dhs120,000, this being the losses to be incurred by quitting work before the contract between them expired.

The defendant agreed to this condition and Dhs4,000 was deducted against two months at the rate of Dhs2,000 every month. Later, he stopped working and told the company that he resigned. He also sent a letter to a witness of the company’s staff in which he said he wanted to recover the amount that the company had already deducted.

After 10 days from the defendant’s resignation, the victim was surprised that the websites of the company’s customers that were supervised by the defendant were disabled. While customers filed complaints against the company, the defendant was found to have deliberately disabled those websites to take revenge from his company, which deducted part of his salary.

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