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Dubai Municipality team clears rainwater


Traffic move at a slow pace after heavy rain.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Ghaith Dubai team of Dubai Municipality’s has managed to clear rainwater catchments and keep traffic flowing in the streets of Dubai in record time, said Eng. Talib Julfar, CEO of Infrastructure Services Sector and Team Leader Ghaith Dubai.

He said that since Friday evening, preparations began for rain, and the team members were present at all work sites to treat any rainwater gatherings, and the teams in the fields were given instructions to enhance the level of preparedness. “We made sure that the working teams were ready at all locations and equipped with all necessary tools,” said Julfar.

He stressed that the Emirate has not witnessed rainwater gatherings in its main streets due to the availability of appropriate infrastructure and services provided by specialized teams, because the teams had observed the rainwater accumulation and reported on time using Dubai 24/7 App.

Julfar pointed out that Dubai Municipality’s efforts to deal with rainwater throughout the Emirate will continue according to a 24-hour continuous work programme, stressing that based on an analysis of meteorological reports and weather forecasting, measures have been taken to deal with emergency communications expected due to rainfall.

He said the team followed the meteorological maps of the areas expected to form cumulus clouds accompanied by rain. “The team followed the Najm Suhail App of the Municipality as its stations distributed in different areas of the Emirate recorded a large quantity of rainfall, as a result of the emirate being affected by unstable weather because of the presence of low surface air with another low air in the upper atmosphere, which led to the formation of medium clouds throughout the Emirate, which turned into a thunderous rain clouds.

The Palm Jumeirah station recorded 25.6 mm of rain, which was the highest rainfall in the Emirate, accompanied by surface winds in some areas at a speed of 54 km / h, which caused the rise of the sea waves, which is expected to continue with active wind and rising wave until Wednesday,” said Julfar.