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CSR Award gets over 1,000 applications


The Clinic held in Dubai addressed the outline of the Awards criteria, methodology and requirements.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

The Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Network has organised an introductory Clinic for the 12th cycle of the Arabia CSR Awards and attended by scores of representatives from various sectors.

The committee has so far received more than 1,000 entries in three different languages (Arabic, English and French) from 13 Arab countries including 71 for the 12th cycle of Arabia CSR Award, said Habiba Al Mar’ashi, President and CEO of Arabia CSR Network.

The Clinic held in Dubai on Wednesday was uniquely designed to guide applicants, both current and potential, to the 12th Cycle of the Awards.

Application aspects were met by addressing the outline of the Awards criteria, methodology and requirements, by Habiba Al Mar’ashi during which she reviewed the most important stages of the development of the Award and the most crucial features of the 12th Cycle of the Award.

“Since its inception, the Arabia CSR Awards have received strong support and sponsorship from across the Arab world and beyond, enabling it to become the region’s most deeply rooted award and consistent with the local context and changes,” she said.

“The Arabia CSR Awards are a platform for all institutions operating in the Arab world, regardless of the size of the institutions, their experience or the number of times they have submitted,” she said.

The network asserts that each application is evaluated on the basis of best sustainability practices.

“We regularly update selection processes and questionnaires to keep up with the latest international standards that take account of regional challenges,” she added.

“The Awards takes pride in applying the most stringent and comprehensive standards as it incorporates the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative and the European Model for Quality Management (EFQM) and organisations must invest time and effort in filling out the application based on global standards. With a focus on its sustainability achievements, this is not an easy task.”

The main points sought by the Jury in evaluating the applications were also highlighted. This Clinic is an integral part of the Arabia CSR Awards journey.

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