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Spiritual leader honoured by Emirati dignitaries during an enlightening visit to Dubai


Daaji Kamlesh Patel addresses the gathering at the Dubai Heartfulness Centre.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Spiritual leader Kamlesh Patel, fondly known as Rev. Daaji among his huge devotees, the Guide of Heartfulness and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, is on a two-month tour from Dubai to Atlanta, US.

During his recent visit to Dubai last week he was warmly welcomed with reverence and affection at the Dubai Heartfulness Centre.

The event was graced by numerous dignitaries and special guests, including Shekhar Kapur, the acclaimed Indian filmmaker, actor, and Oscar award winner; Ahmad Ibrahim Busherin, Head of the Community Events Section at the Dubai Sports Council; Mahir Julfar, Executive Vice President of the Dubai World Trade Centre; Eesa Mohammed Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai; Rashid Butti Al Qubaisi, endurance runner and member of the Athletic Federation Board; Hassan Omer, retired CEO of Du Cab; and Thoraya Al Awadhi, owner of Al Awadhi Group.

A live demonstration of the Brighter Minds programme astonished the guests. Rev. Daaji discussed the programme's benefits and encouraged the Emirati dignitaries to promote it further, emphasizing the importance of starting training at a young age.

Rev. Daaji also led a group meditation session for around 500 Chartered Accountants, followed by an enlightening talk on the practical applications of meditation in daily life. He spoke about the value of investing in 'spiritual wealth' and how it can benefit individuals.

He discussed wealth management, health, and well-being in the context of managing our ultimate master, God.

Daaji highlighted the importance of making significant business decisions from a state of calm and tranquility, stressing the value of inner peace when navigating critical professional choices.

In an insightful interview with Shekhar Kapur, Rev. Daaji explored profound philosophical and spiritual concepts, including the nature of consciousness, creativity, and the idea that nothingness is the mother of consciousness. This deep discussion left the audience in a contemplative state, enriching their engagement and personal practice of heartfulness.

Coinciding with International Mother’s Day, Rev. Daaji shared a video message emphasizing the importance of reciprocating a mother’s love.

On the final day of his Dubai visit, Rev. Daaji posed thought-provoking questions to the audience, such as: “What do you do with a Samadhi-like state? What next? Why are there hierarchies in the bestowing spiritual state in us?” These questions set the stage for a deep, interactive Q&A session. He also discussed how meditation helps in becoming a better human being.

Rev. Daaji’s tour continued in Europe, starting with Paris and then London. He has now reached the US for a programme with the American Telugu Association.

Daaji has a profound commitment to spirituality and environmental stewardship. As the fourth guide in the lineage of Raja Yoga Masters in the Sahaj Marg system, Daaji's spiritual guidance extends far beyond traditional boundaries.

In January 2023, Daaji was honoured with India's third-highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan, acknowledging his transformative impact towards the field of spirituality.


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