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VIDEO: Meet the 70-year-old Saudi man who hasn’t ‘slept for over 30 years’

Saud Bin Muhammad Al-Ghamdi talks to the media at his residence in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia.

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The story of the elderly Saudi man, who had not tasted sleep for decades, has returned to the social networking sites again.

He said during a recent televised interview that the doctors were unable to find any solution.

The story of Saud Bin Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, 70, baffled many, and social networking sites were buzzing with the elderly man’s story, which many saw as more like a fantasy, especially since doctors were unable to find a solution to make him sleep.

He is still continuing the journey of searching for a cure for his sleeplessness that leaves him irritated sometimes.

Al-Ghamdi, a resident of the Al-Baha region, had talked about his condition before in 2018, and attracted the attention of many social media users.

Saud Al-Ghamdi sits at his residence in Al-Baha.

Al-Ghamdi was trending again after his recent televised statements.

Al-Ghamdi said in an interview with the “MBC in a Week” programme that he had not slept for over 30 continuous years, and he did not know the reason, adding, “I am not mentally ill, insane, or enchanted, but I am a person who does not sleep like the rest of the people.”

Al-Ghamdi, who worked in the military field, indicated that in his early years in the army, he nearly spent twenty days without sleep during a mission.
But in the later years in his life the problem persisted. 

He confirmed that he went to many hospitals to find out the cause of his condition.

The doctors prescribed many treatments for him, but the situation did not change so he continued to suffer discomfort and anxiety.

He pointed out that some doctors diagnosed his condition as psychological depression, and he took treatments but that also did not find any positive result. He went to a number of sheikhs to discuss his condition, but there was no development.

Al-Ghamdi said that despite the suffering he is going through, he enjoys a good life and does his work.

Some social media users were surprised by the revelation, while others questioned the authenticity of the cases.

A sympathetic user wrote on Twitter, “We ask God to grant him success in treatment.

“Whoever knows the man, advise him to stop eating sugar and drinking tea at last, and God willing, he will see a sound sleep…”

Another one wrote, "Send this man for medical treatment in the West. This must be thoroughly checked by doctors and specialists."

The story has been doing the rounds on Saudi social networking sites.

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