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Google to cut free snacks and workout classes for employees: Report


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Amid layoffs over recession fears, tech giant Google is also creating several cost-cutting measures such as cutting down on free snacks and workout classes for its existing employees, the media reported.

In a memo, sent by Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, Google employees were notified that the perks will vary based on the office location needs, and trends seen in each office space, Business Insider reported.

The company's micro kitchen that provides free snacks like cereal, espresso, and seltzer water will be closed on days that typically have a significantly lower volume.

Some of the fitness class schedules will be shifted depending on how they're being used.

The company would also discontinue spending on personal equipment like laptops, according to the memo.

It noted that funds will be utilised on work that is of a higher priority.

"Because equipment is a significant expense for a company of our size, we'll be able to save meaningfully here," Porat wrote in the memo, released by Business Insider.

She added that the company will reduce its hiring pace and reallocate teams to focus on higher-priority work.

Google also recently told employees that some workers would have to share desk space, amid plans to downsize some of its offices.

On January 20, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had confirmed in a letter to employees that about 12,000 people will be laid off globally, accounting for more than 6 per cent of the total workforce.

Last month, the tech giant informed its employees via an email that fewer of them will be promoted to more senior levels this year as compared to the past.

It reportedly also indicated to ex-employees who were laid off while on maternity or medical leave that they will not be paid for the remainder of their time off.

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