140-year-old Yemeni man with horns dies after amputating them - GulfToday

140-year-old Yemeni man with horns dies after amputating them

Ali Antar.

Gulf Today Report

A Yemeni perennial called Ali Antar, who was titled "Dhul Qarnayn", died at the age of 140, after having his two horns that grew at the front of his head primitively amputated, by cauterizing with fire, without medical surgery.

Ali Antar, from Al Jawf Governorate, east of the capital Sanaa, was famous for his horns protruding from his head, and it was said that a doctor performed an amputation on him, which led to his death days later.

Yemeni media affirmed that three days after the amputation of his horns, he died.

One of his relatives said that Ali died after his health and mental condition deteriorated, and he suffered from symptoms of old age, indicating that cutting his horns in a primitive way and without medical surgery doubled his suffering and resulted in his death, according to the Yemeni newspaper, "Aden Al Ghad".

The relative pointed out that the two horns appeared in his head after te age of one hundred years, as they started to grow and hung from the front of his head on his cheeks to align with his mouth, then started to wrap in a circular motion.

The man added that the late Antar remained in good health and a strong memory until three years before his death.

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