Edinburgh council sees red after woman paints the front door of her house pink, warns she could face a £20,000 fine - GulfToday

Edinburgh council sees red after woman paints the front door of her house pink, warns she could face a £20,000 fine


This photo shows a view of Edinburgh city. File/AFP

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“Blue, blue, my world is blue…” goes the song.  When it comes to colours, each of us has different tastes. Singer Solange Knowles, sister of Beyonce, loves yellow, according to one report. Purple reigns over Selena Gomez’s life, while the actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is very fond of white.

But these tastes don’t just apply to celebrities or ordinary human beings, civic bodies too are quite sensitive when it comes to colour, as an incident reveals.

For two years, a woman from Edinburgh kept renovating her home. To add flourish to the finish, she painted the Georgian front door pink.

The eyecatching colour was a head-turner: passersby would stop to click pictures for their Instagram accounts.

But the city council saw red, after a complaint was registered. She was warned she could face a £20,000 fine if she did not change the colour of her front door, according to the Independent.

Miranda Dickson, 48, from the city’s New Town area, has branded the municipal body’s rules as “30 years out of date”.

The council ordered Dickson to repaint it white.

If she did not obey, she would be slapped with a fine of £2,000. Additionally, if she was charged with breaching the rules in the protected conservation area, she would be fined £20,000.

Dickson said there were several other houses nearby with brightly coloured front doors, so why was the civic body not saying anything about it?

She believes someone with malicious intent and very “petty” lodged the plaint. She said the colour of her front door was a feelgood hue, and it made her happy.

She said she received praise from a lot of people who said it was amazing’ and it made them smile.

The council said that front doors should be in a “muted” colour, but did not elaborate.

The council said the colour was out of sync with the historic character and looks of the building.

Apparently fed up, Dickson has decided to repaint the door dark red.

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