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Dubai is set to unveil a giant cinema screen equivalent to the size of two tennis courts


A view of the giant screen at Roxy Xtreme in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

A new era of cinema begins in Dubai and the region with the launch of the largest movie screen ever in the Middle East. Roxy Cinemas in Dubai Hills Mall, a subsidiary of Dubai Entertainment Holding, is preparing to unveil a giant screen of 423 square metres — equivalent to the size of two tennis courts — for an amazing and unprecedented cinematic experience in the Emirates.

Strategically located in the region’s newest shopping destination: Dubai Hills Mall, which is managed by Emaar Holdings Entertainment, the innovative entertainment site is set to welcome its guests from August 31 to set a new standard for entertainment with 382 luxurious and comfortable seats in three classes — Standard, Premium and VIP .

Fernando Irua, CEO of Dubai Entertainment Holding, said: “This new complex of 15 cinemas at Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills Mall will define a new cinema experience that the audience in Dubai can enjoy with higher levels of luxury and luxury in all of our cinemas.

Roxy Xtreme sets a completely new standard for cinema in the UAE and the entire region as the giant screen provides an unforgettable experience for both moviegoers and movie lovers. Thus, Roxy Xtreme is able to deliver the most stunning visual effects in the latest Hollywood films in an unprecedented way on the largest cinema screen in the Middle East.”

VIP suites

There will be three private VIP suites, the first of their kind in the world of cinema, rising above the amphitheater to give an amazing view of the screen with the greatest degree of privacy and comfort.

Each VIP suite features 12 plush seats, allowing movie-goers to enjoy an unforgettable experience with family and friends. Guests in the VIP suite can benefit from the presence of a private waiter without having to leave their seats, and they can also return the seats to the back with one click, and adjust the foot and headrests as if they were in the first class seats in the most luxurious aircraft. Wireless charging, seat heating and a personal movable table are also available in the VIP suite experience. More benefits will be added to movie lovers with the opening of 7 new platinum screens in October.

The new Roxy Cinemas in Dubai Hills Mall includes 15 screens, including seven theaters in the Platinum category and seven in the Silver category, in addition to the Roxy Xtreme Lounge, which extends 28 meters in length and 15.1 meters in width to present 423 square meters of movie magic.

The latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic films will be shown at Roxy Cinemas Dubai Hills Mall with amazing clarity thanks to the latest laser projectors from NEC, in addition to amazing sound clarity thanks to DOLBY systems in all Roxy theaters.

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