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Two-year-old boy from Texas orders 31 cheeseburgers while toying with mother's phone


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A two-year-old boy in Texas ordered 31 cheeseburgers from a local McDonald’s while fidgeting with his mother’s phone.

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden from Kingsville said her son was playing with her phone when he placed the order with DoorDash without her knowledge.

“My son was playing with my phone. I thought he was taking pictures but when I looked back on my thing it was ordered at the time he was playing with my phone,” Golden told CBS8.

She took to social media to give away some of the burgers for free.

“I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested. Apparently my two-year-old knows how to order DoorDash,” the mother wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

She also shared a picture of her toddler holding a cheeseburger and sitting next to a pile of burgers, which according to reports had cost her $91 (£73), including the tip. She said the toddler ate half of one burger, according to the Independent.

“The truth is two-year-olds like to see their reflection so I let him look at the reflection on my phone thinking it was locked. But he was swinging it around and doing things with it. Turns out, he was not looking at his reflection but ordering cheeseburgers,” Golden told NBC affiliate KPRC 2 Houston.

 Golden also shared the free burger offer on her Kingsville community Facebook page and received responses from some users.

“I got two people that came – one was a pregnant woman, she got six and a family with seven people in the van took 18 of them. Rest I gave to my neighbours,” the mother said.

On how she planned to avoid future mishaps like this, the mother had a simple solution.

“I hid the app.”

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