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New technologies in management of heart diseases

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1.  What is the meaning or the definition of Interventional heart procedures?

•  It means fixing and repairing diseased conditions of the heart without the need of open heart surgery, (by the use of catheters or devices introduced to the diseased part of the heart, through a tiny hole in the blood vessels of the leg or the arms. (It is not surgical operation).

2. How long the patient will stay in the hospital after the procedure?

• Usually patient will stay for one day.

3. What are the types of theses heart procedures?

• There are many types of these procedures (more than 15 procedures)

A. Coronary arteries supplying the muscle procedures (by dilating and opening the blocked arteries with balloon and putting stents) for patients who suffer from angina or heart attack.

B. Procedures to fix heart valves, (either dilating narrowed valves, or narrowing a dilated valve, or even replacing a totally damaged valves)

C. Procedures to fix a congenital heart defects, (mainly to close holes inside the heart with devices and also to dilate narrowed valves and vessels).

4. What re the percentage of heart conditions which are currently treated by these procedures?

•  About 70-80% of the heart diseased conditions can be treated with these non-surgical procedures.



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