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Japanese man claims he slept just 30 minutes a day for 12 years

Daisuke Hori.

Gulf Today Report

Japanese Daisuke Hori has an exciting daily sleep routine, through which he managed to reduce the number of his daily sleep hours from eight hours to only 30 minutes over the past 12 years, stressing at the same time that he is in good health, according to what foreign media reported on Saturday.

The media quoted Hori, 36, as saying that what prompted him to this strange routine of sleeping was that he found that 16 hours were not enough to achieve everything he wanted to do in one day, and to enjoy his life.

According to Hori, who heads the Japan Short Sleep Association, he succeeded in reducing his sleep gradually over several years, after he used to sleep eight hours, until it became only half an hour a day, and he has been this way for 12 years. Some people find it hard to believe.

He confirmed that he hardly feels tired after reducing his daily sleep schedule, and that he is still in good health, which led him to head the "Japan Short Sleep Association" to teach his lifestyle to others to be more productive at work.


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To confirm his claims, he allowed a TV show crew to watch him all day for three days to make sure he only got half an hour of sleep.

On the first day, Hori woke up at 8 am and went to the gym. He then read, wrote and socialised.
Then he fell asleep around 2 am, and woke up 26 minutes later without warning.

After waking up, he got dressed and went surfing with friends before going to the gym again.

He spent his nights playing video games, surfing and hanging out with other short sleepers.

Hori's people were amazed to see how he was able to combat the drowsiness caused by high insulin after eating. He confirmed that he felt drowsy, but took caffeine to avoid sleep.

Doctors usually advise sleeping for about six to nine hours, and to make sure that there is a regular routine.

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