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VIDEO: Red Bull stunt pilot Dario becomes first person to fly a plane through tunnels

Dario Costa poses for a photograph.

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A professional race and stunt pilot Dario Costa became the first person in the world to fly a plane through tunnels, claiming a Guinness World Record title.

Energy drink company Red Bull said, “Nobody had ever flown an aeroplane through a tunnel until Italy's Dario Costa sped through two tunnels near Istanbul at average speeds of 245kph.”

Red Bull wrote on Instagram, “So @costadario just became the first person to fly a plane through a tunnel, wait! TWO tunnels and we are literally speechless.

His unprecedented flight through Istanbul’s Çatalca Tunnels was seriously impressive with cross winds between the tunnels and air bumps inside them testing his skills - but ending the flight in the aviation history books was SO worth it, congrats on the @guinnessworldrecords Dario.”

The breathtaking video clip showed Costa flying the aircraft through a stretch surrounded by concrete walls of Catalca Tunnels, located just outside Istanbul.

The video made people think it was edited.

So Red Bull had to confirm to the social media users with the caption and another angle of the video, “did @costadario really just do that? Yes, yes he did.

“We can safely say Dario just certified his place as an aviation legend with this world record flight through TWO tunnels.”

Instagrammer Darragh Hartery wrote, “That's insane."

Andy said, “Frozen Bloood.”

The event took place on Saturday, Sept.4, 2021.

The Italian pilot fired up his specially modified Zivko Edge 540 race plane inside one of the dual Çatalca Tunnels on Turkey's Northern Marmara Highway.

From take-off to exiting the second tunnel, the flight covered a distance of 2.26km. And in less than 44 seconds, Costa had set a certified Guinness World Record plus four more records.

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