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Meat dishes chicken out in Lebanon as financial crisis makes them dearer


Volunteers from Base Camp, walk as they carry bags of vegetables to be distributed to people in need in Beirut.

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In the time of coronavirus, a lot of things become dear. And if you are living in a country such as Lebanon that is facing acute financial hardship, things become really dearer. That includes meat and chicken. What’s more startling: even the army cannot afford it.

Result: veganism is the need of the hour. Owing to soaring meat prices, vegetables have taken centre stage.

In some societies, veganism may be a fad or food fetish, done more for effect among the snobbish than out of any real health concerns.

Sadly, that cannot be said about Lebanon, where almost everything has become extremely expensive as the currency has lost 90 per cent of its value.

beirut-food Camille Madi, director of Basecamp, holds a vegan meal and carries a bag of vegetables as he distributes it to people in need in Beirut.

According to a report, one official, Camille Madi, the director of Basecamp, a charitable organisation, says that even the defence forces such as the army cannot afford the requisite amount of meat and chicken.

Truncated budgets reportedly compelled the military to wipe out meat from its menu last year.

Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, which promotes veganism, is helping the needy with 100 vegan meals.

The health-conscious however say that vegan food is healthy and can virtually be a substitute for animal food.

Even Manoushe, a Lebanese pizza with cheese toppings, can be done away with for vegetables because they are more economical: the cost of  purchasing a Manoushe can bring one or two kilos of vegetables that provide the right nutrition.


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