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VIDEO: Dubai: A Rising Hub for Hair Transplants

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Bizrahmed has a comprehensive medical system that checks the patient's hair and scalp condition using the most advanced technology.

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Many people are now choosing to travel abroad for their cosmetic procedures, but what makes Dubai stand out as a top-rated destination for hair transplants?


Dubai is already known to be a world leader for medical tourism, so it comes as no surprise that it's fast becoming a popular choice for those looking to undergo hair transplantation surgery.


The 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index ranked Dubai as the number one medical tourism destination in the Middle East for the second year in a row, achieving an impressive sixth place worldwide. The city has also set an ambitious target for 2021 of 500,000 medical tourists, half from within the UAE and half from elsewhere.


So, what makes it stand out from other cities that also offer this type of treatment? We looked at Bizrahmed, one of the Middle East's leading cosmetic and plastic surgery centres, to find out. 



Worldwide Success


Baldness is a common condition that affects millions of men and women across the globe, but it can be a source of embarrassment for many. After all, hair has a significant influence on our overall appearance.


Hair transplants have become a hugely popular solution over the years, partly due to an increased awareness generated by social media. It only takes a quick search online to find that many celebrities and influencers have used transplants to restore the appearance of a natural and full head of hair.


Millions of travellers flock to Dubai every year to see and experience its world-class tourism, including its advanced medical infrastructures and facilities. Bizrahmed clinic itself has treated patients from the UAE, UK, America, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and more.


Its team works hard to ensure that collectively they can speak English, Arabic, Italian, Russian, French, Urdu, Tagalog, Nepali, Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil to cater to a wide range of international patients.


BizraMed A general view of the clinic.


Advanced Healthcare


Dubai is home to some of the finest hotels in the world, which in turn attracts travellers looking for a taste of luxury. When international patients visit Bizrahmed for treatment, they are provided with the very best hotel accommodation for two days and organised chauffer airport transportation.


This luxury culture extends to the city's medical services. The clinic contains large and fully equipped surgical rooms, all featuring the latest healthcare equipment and facilities for a clean and comfortable stay. 


Once the treatment is complete, patients are given a care bag containing all of the products they need for a safe recovery. A full range of post-care services is also offered, including a year of free aftercare follow-ups to ensure they are completely satisfied with the results. All communication before arrival is carried out using a series of virtual consultations with Bizrahmed's leading hair transplant specialists.

The team is made up of four surgeons and sixteen technicians.


hair transplant 2 This exceptional clinic has performed over 20,000 successful hair transplants since it began.


State of the Art Technology


Bizrahmed has a comprehensive medical system that checks the patient's hair and scalp condition using the most advanced technology and modern tools available today. 


They perform treatments using the best technical and FUE hair transplantation methods (employing the Nano FUE technique), a surgical advancement chosen because they do not negatively affect the scalp tissues and eliminates linear scarring on the donor area.


The clinic utilises the latest Sapphire Pen and Blades, which involves using a sapphire gemstone to make precise incisions in the recipient area that the hair is then implanted into. These pens replace the conventional steel blades that are often used in regular FUE procedures. 


Custom made blades of various depths are used, with the sizing chosen according to the patient's requirements. The hair transplant team use as many blades as required to achieve optimal results, which are then disposed of after each use. Some benefits include less discomfort, ultimate precision and may allow greater density (subject to donor area).


Some of the clinic's packages also include intraoperative platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to provide necessary nutrients to implanted grafts.


Bizrahmed Dubai


This exceptional clinic has performed over 20,000 successful hair transplants since it began operating 25 years ago, and it also offers a range of other plastic surgery services. Bizrahmed's founder Dr. Bashar Bizrah is well-reputed on his extensive experience and natural results in rhinoplasty in both Dubai and London.


With clinics in Dubai, London, and Jeddah, Bizrahmed provides its patients with the very best medical services in a modern, safe, and comfortable environment. To find out more about the services it offers, please visit the website. 


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