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VIDEO: US teacher gives his kids customised energetic greetings during COVID-19 pandemic

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A combo image shows David Jamison greeting his students.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

A language teacher, David Jamison, in the US is doing the rounds on social media for his unique and creative style of greeting his students for class.

The fifth-grade art teacher at Hickory Ridge Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee, warm gesture and down to earth behaviour will make one feel like going back to school to enjoy those energetic moments.


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David Jamison shared a video recently receiving students at the school with his signature style.

Jamison wrote, “I’m Baaaack‼️ Around this time last year, the school year was cancelled because of COVID-19. 🥴I remember being asked in an interview last year, ‘would I still welcome my students with customised greetings once they return?’”

“My response remains the same, you don’t have to physically touch a child to actually ‘touch’ a child. 🗣We don’t focus on what it looks like; we focus on what it can be! This is my second week back in the building since March of last year. Check out my new group of scholars air handshakes! Representing for the 2% of black men in education!”

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In 2019, Jamison went viral for elaborate individual handshake routines with his students.

Jamison is nicknamed "The Dope Educator" and has been widely considered as one of the best teachers around.

It is believed that Jamison remembered the handshakes of 250 students and he greets each of them with the same energy.

Gosh, we need more Jamisons to make the education system fun and inspiring.

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