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5 reasons to go device-free one day a week

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Being glued to our screens before bed time interferes with our sleep cycle, as per research. TNS

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In this technology-inundated era, being constantly hooked to your phone to stay on top of news, information and social media updates has become a norm.


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Our cell phones are the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to bed.

And throughout the day, we’re constantly browsing different websites and apps, be it on tablets, computers, TVs or smartphones.

The blue light of technology is all pervasive.

Singer Alicia Keys tries to combat this ‘always-on’ mentality by having one device-free day a week.

It’s not always easy to be without your phone though.

In an interview with Allure Keys said: “Last night, my kids were in bed. I was sitting on a couch and I was like, ‘What should I be doing?

Being glued to our screens before bed time interferes with our sleep cycle, as per research. TNS

“Should I be doing something? Listening to music? Writing in my journal? I should be doing something.’ That idea of sitting with yourself is just not something that we’re taught.”

We are so dependent on our devices that staying away from them even for a day seems like an impossible task.

However, if you are considering a digital detox, you can start small — maybe putting the device away for a few hours before attempting a full 24 period.

The prospect might be daunting, but going device-free for even one day each week can bring you the following benefits:

1. You’ll have more free time

Sitting in your couch and flicking through Instagram Stories and Facebook news feed on your mobile phone for hours on end is a practice we all are familiar with.

sleep 22 Going device-free for even one day a week can bring you a whole lot of benefits. TNS

Social media has the power to take up a major chunk of our free time.

Try to break the temptation of checking Twitter and you might find yourself with a bit more time on your hands to devote to a new hobby — or you could just sit and practice being with yourself, like Keys.

2. It might improve your sleep

Being glued to our screens before bed time interferes with our sleep cycle, as per research.

It is recommended that we avoid using devices at least an hour before bed. However, we seldom follow this advice.

Research suggests excessive technology use “may lead to several sleep problems,” so limiting your screen time, even just one day a week, could have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep.

3. It could help improve your work/life balance

With the ongoing pandemic and work from home schedules, attaining a work/life balance seems like a pipe dream.

With your kitchen transformed into your office, it’s easier than ever to finish up work outside of your normal hours.

Taking a day off technology at the weekend might help improve your work/life balance, and reduce the temptation to check your emails.

4. You might feel less stressed

With real-time news consumed at just a click of the button, it’s easy to stay up-to-date with the world’s current affairs.

But with everything that’s going on around the globe, it’s generally a very negative news cycle that can overwhelm us.

Hence, it helps to cut off from your devices every now and then.

5. To combat tech neck

Tech neck is real — whether it’s due to being hunched over a laptop or staring at our smartphones, our muscles can feel stressed from being sloped over for long periods of time.

Ditching tech can provide a chance to reset your neck and shoulders — and you might even find you have time to do a bit of yoga or stretching, to help offset any soreness from the rest of the week.

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