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26-year-old model spends £5,000 to reduce the size of forehead by 3cm


Camilla Coleman shares a picture of hers before surgery (left) and after the operation.

Sakeena Banday, Gulf Today

Model Camilla Coleman Brooks, who was insecure and conscious about her forehead, has spent £5,000 on surgery to have it shortened by 3 centimetres.

The 26-year-old decided to go for a reduction surgery that changes the hairline position of a person.

Brooks said she had spent a decade trying to cover her forehead that was 8.5cm in size, which happens to be 2cm larger than the average female forehead in the US. But after the surgery, it has come down to 5.5 centimetres.

After her two and a half hour surgery, she shared a before and after photo of her forehead including a TikTok video.


In the TikTok video she replies to a person who advised her ‘learn to love yourself’.

"When I was younger I would always style my hair and notice how big it looked. For the last few years, I've hidden it under a fringe or a hat. I am so happy with the results now that I've had the surgery," Camilla said.

"I didn't need the procedure to make me happy, but I love how I now look," she added.

The mother-of-two said she paid $6,958 for the surgery at Zeeba Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio back in February.

Asked about her post-surgery experience, Camilla said she had to wear a bandage around her head and  was unable to move eyebrows for a while. But things were back to normal in a few days.

Currently, Coleman’s hairline scar is visible but she is sharing post-surgery progress pictures online.

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