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How can you improve your relationship with yourself?

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Saleha Irfan, Senior Sub-Editor/Reporter

This pandemic has forced us to be socially distanced from the people we love which is why it has become quite common in these times of isolation to feel lonely and think of the people you miss spending time with.

But what if staying alone is a blessing in disguise? If you are wondering how that could be, think about this: When we are alone, we can focus solely on ourselves. We can build a positive relationship with ourselves and see what needs to change.

Maybe you don’t like the choices you have made so far. Now would be a good time to re-evaluate them and plan for a change for the future.


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Let’s say you have some bad habits and now that you have been forced to slowdown, you can take a clearer look at what you have control over. You can make your future better than your past. You could figure out areas you need to fine-tune.

Here are some ways you can change your life:

* Start by paying more attention to your physical well-being. You may feel have no energy to get most out of every day, and that’s why you have been unable to enjoy life as you should. Eating healthy and getting a small workout in your day will help you feel better.

* You could also better your communication with your family. It is easy to feel frustrated when you are busy working hard. However, because of the pandemic, people are spending more time at home. You can set half hour or so before dinner to just sit and talk to your family every night. Take turns sharing what’s on your minds. It may feel awkward at first but it will get better.

* Spend a designated amount of time with your friends. We all tend to neglect our friendships at one point or another. Text your friends to let them know they matter to you.

* Improving our relationship with ourselves also means we have to figure out what’s working and what’s not. We need to ask the tough questions: Are we satisfied with our goals? Are we happy with our daily routines and our interactions with others? Is there something missing in our lives? Are there any habits we need to pick up or any that we need to let go of?

* Make a list of what you like about yourself. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and see if your life is on track. This will help you reclaim your inner peace.

* Don’t let yourself be defined by the people who don’t like you. People are hard to please. Try and see yourself from the perspective of the person you wish to be.

* Most of us are well aware of our weaknesses. Maybe we are not punctual, or spend a little too much money. Maybe we are disorganised or too critical of others. If we work on our weaknesses, it becomes easier for us to like ourselves. Once you have control over your weak points, you automatically like the person you are, which in turn will make you feel empowered and help you accomplish what you need to do.

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