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Anna Wintour stuns fans by donning tracksuit bottoms despite vowing never to wear them


Anna Wintour interviewed at a fashion show in New York City. File

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As the longtime editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Wintour has one of the most recognisable looks in the world, characterised by her signature bob haircut and intimidating sunglasses.

The 70-year-old is frequently pictured in high fashion attire, having recently attended Milan Fashion Week in February in a checkered coat and floral dress.

However, a photograph recently shared on the Vogue Instagram account showed the editor opting for a more casual ensemble, combining a pair of red tracksuit bottoms with a red and black striped jumper.

Wintour’s choice to wear tracksuit bottoms at home has sparked shock among her most dedicated horde of fans, considering her former outspoken distaste for the garment.


While taking part in Vogue‘s video series “Go Ask Anna” in July 2019, Wintour was asked whether she ever wears sweatpants, to which she responded with a curt: “No.”

As such, several Instagram users expressed their surprise over her outfit underneath the picture.

“I never imagined I would see Anna Wintour wearing sweatpants,” one person wrote.

“ARE THOSE SWEATPANTS?!!!!” another user remarked.

Another Instagrammer said that while they “can’t believe she’s wearing sweatpants”, they are “sporty and hip”.


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“She’s rockin them though. Love her,” they added.

In the caption for the photograph, it stated that the Vogue editor-in-chief would be taking part in a four-day event on video conference platform Zoom called “Vogue Global Conversations”.

“It’s amazing what you can bring together in a matter of days. Sometime in the last week and a half (time seems to be moving both incredibly fast and slowly right now) a group of Vogue editors around the world had the idea of holding a series of conversations — via Zoom — about the future of fashion and creativity,” Wintour wrote.

She explained that the coronavirus pandemic has “created profound challenges” for the fashion industry, adding that fashion needs to become “more thoughtful and more sustainable”.

“We need to talk frankly and openly about what fashion is going through, but just as importantly, we need to start imagining what comes next,” she stated.

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