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Tips to cosy up your living space

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Since a lot of people are working from home and juggling household chores as well as supervising children’s e-learning, they might feel the need for more space. When you spend long amounts of time at home, you want it to be a happy and peaceful place, a space that destresses you.


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So what can you do to your house to make it more of a sanctuary? The first thing is to clean out and remove things you don’t enjoy. You could start off with the places you use the most, like your kitchen and the living room. Here are some more tips for creating a comfortable and functional home:

Ask for help

With all meals being eaten at home, and everyone working as well, there may be a lot more dishes and clutter than before. If you don’t stay on top of it, the dirty dishes may pile up. It’s best to assign chores to all family members and have them help out, whether it’s cleaning up after dinner or putting away the laundry.

Redecorate your home

If you feel that there are things in your home that aren’t working, take a step back and approach each room with a new perspective. If you start off with the kitchen, for example, pull everything out and then reorganise your drawers and cupboards with items based on usage. You may even discover things you forgot you had. You could also reorganise the furniture in your room to create a better flow.

Embrace Hygge

Hygge, the Danish word for creating a cosy, comforting mood, is essential in these fraught times. Light a candle, put throws around, bring in plants. Make it cosy and welcoming. Bake something. A few simple extras can add a bit of comfort without adding a lot of expense. Even just opening windows and bringing in some fresh air can lift your spirits.

home decor 1 To organise your home the first thing is to clean out and remove things you don’t enjoy.


Maintain your routine

Abrupt change is unsettling. If you’re new to working from home, try to maintain the same routine you did when you commuted to an office. Start your workday the way you used to, with a shower and breakfast, or a workout followed by a cup of coffee.

Assign different working spaces

If two people are now having to work from home, designate where each will work and set up that space like an office. Children learning at home also need designated spaces.

Keep it clean

To keep your home clean and virus-free, upgrade your hand-washing stations throughout your home and add disposable towels. And don’t forget to clean and disinfect high-touch areas, such as sinks, refrigerator handles and remote controls.

Tackle a bigger project

If you want help, now’s a good time to seek help from a design professional, many of whom are offering virtual services during this time of limited face-to-face interaction. You could send them room dimensions, photos and inspiration pictures of rooms that make them happy. The designers can then develop a design, a floor plan and design board, and a shopping list with clickable links.

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