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Ennola's Closet offers chic options to fashion connoisseurs

Ennola's closet

The flowy, A-line cuts enable the wearer to move freely.

Manjula Ramakrishnan

Ennola’s Closet is the result of love’s labour of two Egypt-based sisters Nourhan and Ola Mohamed Abdelmaksoud. Curated with both the modern woman and the Middle Eastern climate in mind, the design line pays ode to their homeland and uses Egyptian cotton and poplin in their first collection titled SummerNola’s by Ennola’s Closet and showcases sixteen designs and sets.

“We wanted to create a brand that represents our personal style and what we envision the perfect summer wardrobe to be,’’ says Nourhan.

“Partnering with Nourhan to create Ennola’s Closet has been an exciting journey,” adds Ola.

The designers speak to Panorama.


The clothes have been designed with the regional climate in mind.

What are the best summer fabrics to combat the heat?

Cotton comes in many different varieties and weaves, but it's the universal all-weather fabric for a reason. As a natural fibre, it's extremely breathable, the most important characteristic for summer clothing. Linen is lightweight, it's breathable, it effortlessly absorbs moisture and it dries super quickly. Linen would personally be our top pick all summer. Hemp has similar cooling and moisture-wicking properties as linen and is extremely durable. Tencel, made from the bark of eucalyptus trees, is an unsung summer wardrobe hero. It’s soft, breathable, and resists moisture – ideal for humid, sticky days. It’s also remarkably un-clingy. As a protein fibre, silk is remarkably good at maintaining a comfortable body temperature in both the summer and the winter; the only caveat is that silk does not stand up well to sweat stains and ought not to be chosen if physical activity is on the cards.  

According to you, what are the summer trends of 2019?

These would easily be animal prints, bike shorts with blazers, boiler suits, lavender tones, puff shoulders, Neo-gothic, tartan colours, bucket hats patchwork and micro bags.

What is the story behind Ennola’s Closet?

Ennola’s Closet was conceptualised in the summer of 2017. Every time we would go to the north coast of Egypt, we would notice fashion trends that were outdated and not up to the standards of the rest of the world. We would sit together and, just like any other fashion-enthusiasts, discuss outfits, the feasibility of finding the latest trends in Egyptian stores and their price points. Our curiosity blended well with our passion to create Ennola’s Closet and offer the Middle Eastern woman chic, ethereal designs that would remain a classic for years to come and paired well with the weather. The idea to create a ‘closet’ for women to pick their favorites from began with a lot of research, design trials and feedback. 

What cuts, styles and designs define Ennola’s Closet line?

Smooth, sharp, cuffs, ruffles, cropped tops, open cuts and see-through are the key features of the collection. All the cuts, styles and designs we have done in this line were created with comfort in mind. We wanted to ensure that women were comfortable when they stepped out in our designs. Plus, the Middle Eastern climate being severe, it was necessary for us to create flowy, A-line cuts that would enable the wearer to move freely without being restricted.

What does Ennola’s Closet has in store for winter 2019?

For the winter collection, we are working on skirts, blazers and jackets that are all reminiscent of a vintage 90s era, as this is an upcoming winter 2019 trend. We are also currently trialing materials that are uncommon but are native to the Middle East. Puffy jackets, cargo pants, blazers, a hint of tie-dye are all making a comeback this year and the colours will be bolder.

Why was the UAE the chosen Middle Easter market for introducing Ennola's closet?

The UAE is perfect when it comes to developing a brand and transforming a dream into reality with endless resources and options available here that are crucial to us such as tailors, materials, delivery, parties and similar. We truly appreciate fashion, especially the modest and trendy vibes that the UAE offers, in addition to allowing us to explore opportunities that may not have been so easily accessible where we are located in Egypt. The local designer scene is bustling with inspiring designers who portray more of a community than competition; and being part of this community is not only inspiring to us as designers, but is a motivating factor to work harder towards our goal of building dream closets for the Middle Eastern woman. The label is currently open to customised orders through our Instagram page, @ennolascloset

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