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Give peace a chance

Imran Calls Modi

Imran Khan and Narendra Modi.

Sincere efforts are needed from both the sides, India and Pakistan, to reach a logical and longstanding peace agreement between the two nuclear-armed countries (“Create environment of trust, Modi tells Imran,” June 20, Gulf Today).  No one can claps with a single hand. India and Pakistan’s longstanding issues are disastrous for both countries. Negotiation is the only way forward to settle the decades-long issues that will pave the way for both nations’ prosperity.

I would like to appreciate the response from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s continuous offer for a meaningful dialogue on all outstanding disputes between the two countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan that India seeks normal and cooperative relations with his country, but for that an “environment of trust, free of terror, violence and hostility” needs to be created. Modi wrote this to Khan in response to his congratulatory message earlier this month on him becoming the Prime Minister again. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar also conveyed similar views to his counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi in response to his congratulatory message.

“As per the established diplomatic practice, the Prime Minister and the External Affairs Ministry have responded to congratulatory messages received from their counterparts in Pakistan,” a Ministry spokesperson said. “In their messages, they have highlighted that India seeks normal and cooperative relations with neighbours, including Pakistan,” the spokesperson added. The Prime Minister said: “For this, it is important to build an environment of trust, free of terror, violence and hostility.”

Jaishankar also emphasised to his counterpart the need for an “atmosphere free from the shadow of terror and violence,” the spokesperson said.

It is more than 70 years since India and Pakistan became independent, now it is high time to make sincere efforts to resolve deadly disputes between both the countries for the sake of their poor people and pave the way for long-term stability and prosperity for their coming generations.  

Asim Jahangir
By email

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