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UAE’s road safety campaigns on right track


Road traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities are generally known to increase during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Self-discipline holds the key when it comes to safe driving. A motorist who meticulously follows traffic rules while driving not only saves his or her own life, but also of others. Life is too precious to die on the roads owing the human negligence.

Road traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities are generally known to increase during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Fortunately, strenuous efforts by the authorities in the UAE to instill discipline among motorists through various regular campaigns and increased awareness among drivers themselves seem to be paying off.

It is pleasing to note that the number of traffic accidents in general and fatal ones in particular have significantly dropped over the last three years in the UAE.

Traffic accidents during Ramadan claimed 62 lives in 2016, 51 in 2017 and 30 in 2018, as per Maj. Gen. Eng. Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Dubai Police Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs and Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council.

There were 350 accidents resulting in 508 traffic injuries in Ramadan 2016. The number dropped to 316 accidents resulting in 456 injuries in Ramadan 2017 and dropped to 226 accidents resulting 340 injuries in Ramadan 2018.

It is also good that the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Federal Traffic Council and Traffic Coordination General Directorate, has launched a Second Traffic Campaign Titled ‘Ramadan without Accidents.’

The campaign will certainly help boost safety levels in line with initiatives rolled out by the traffic sector to promote awareness of community segments of the impact of traffic accidents and their resulting deaths, injuries, material and moral damages.

Such campaigns are immensely valuable as they help maintain security and safety and boost the positive behaviour of various segments of society.

Hence, the decision of the Community Police Department of the Sharjah Police, in cooperation with Sharjah Charity International, to launch a joint campaign under the slogan “Aman Ya Ramadan,” aimed at spreading awareness about traffic and security issues and ways to utilise the security services on smart applications, is another welcome initiative.

The launch of such a drive comes in collaboration between the Sharjah Police and Sharjah Charity International, coinciding with the Holy Month of Ramadan, where Ramadan tents witness a large turnout of Asian workers that are targeted by security awareness.

The fact that the campaign will not only cover traffic aspects related to abidance by the traffic laws but also introduce people to the ways of using security services provided through smart applications makes perfect sense as technology has changed the face of the world

For those who question whether safe driving is possible at all, a 78-year-old motorist, Saeed Rashid Ahmad Belhoun, had sent a convincing message recently.  

By strictly observing traffic rules and regulations, the Emirati national became a role model for other motorists by not receiving a traffic fine ever since obtaining a driver’s licence way back in 1969.

The simple and best way to avoid accidents is to strictly follow the rules. Whether one is a pedestrian, motorcyclist or a motorist, adhering to the traffic regulations is a must.

During Ramadan, drivers would do well to exercise maximum tolerance, abide by speed limits, observe lane discipline and avoid using phones while driving, as over-speeding, sudden deviation and using phones have remained the major causes of accidents.

Another best way is to plan schedules properly and leave early to avoid speeding.

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