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Dubai Culture and MBRL create new springs of creativity and collaboration


Children at the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children.

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is presenting a full programme of recreational activities and workshops at the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (AJCCC) Spring Camp that is taking placing under the theme ‘Spring into a World of Creativity’ over two weeks, the first from 27 to 31 March, and the second from 3 to 7 April. During the event, children will have an occasion to enhance their skills and expand their imagination.

Adel Omar, Senior Special Project and Media Director at AJCCC, said: “Children have broad horizons that enable them to transcend the boundaries of space and express their needs, desires, and aspirations. The Spring Camp provides participants with a set of artistic and cultural experiences that invest their time in developing their capabilities, motivating them to be creative, and enhancing their self-confidence.”

The camp seeks to provide a space for learning, through a group of innovative activities and events that are designed to meet the needs of children, and raise their level of knowledge and capabilities. It opens its doors to children across three different age groups, the first being children aged 4 to 6, who will take part in a series of interactive workshops that teach them the basics of pottery, the use of gypsum and cement in the arts, give them the opportunity to enjoy theatre, and experience photography with Nikon, in addition to discovering the aesthetics of music.


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Children between 7 and 9 will learn the art of marbling, self-portrait collage, pottery, theatre, as well as Nikon photography classes and decoupage. They will also learn to design t-shirts, in addition to learning sign language, amidst other activities.

The camp invites children between the ages 10 and 16 to discover the art of printmaking, pottery, tote bag design, greeting cards and theatre accessories. They will also learn the art of marbling, weaving, pouring, self-portrait collages, learn photography with Nikon and T-shirt design.

MBRL 2 Dubai Culture is hosting a programme for children at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children.

All children participating in the camp will take also be a part of a trip to Etihad Museum to learn about the country’s cultural and human heritage, the stages the UAE went through in its development and the achievements it has achieved over half a century, as well as learn about the role of the museum in consolidating the concept and value of the union and national identity in individuals and society.

All the activities and workshops included in the Spring Camp programme will be held under the supervision of a group of experts, artists and specialists in self-development and human development, in an environment that encourages children to unleash their interests and hone their skills.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation to promote collaboration in scientific and cultural fields, address common cultural areas across society, and enrich the country’s intellectual movement.

The partnership was formalised in a signing ceremony by Dr. Mohammed Salem Al Mazrooei, Board Member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation, and Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Executive Director of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation.

“Driven by a core belief that culture is the spirit of the nation and the backbone of its cohesion and civilisation, MBRL attaches great importance to promoting joint cooperation between local and regional cultural institutions. We proceed from our role and social responsibility in enriching the knowledge and culture of individuals and building their awareness and capabilities to keep abreast of human development,” said Al Mazrooei

“We are pleased to co-operate with the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, which plays a pivotal role in promoting the cultural scene, working side by side to open new horizons and exchange experiences that advance the national cultural scene, in line with our vision to unite efforts and capabilities, achieve common goals, and make the greatest impact on both the cultural level, through consultation, exchange of views, visits, joint studies, workshops, seminars, and scientific and cultural information,” he added.

 “To foster stronger relationships between the two parties, this MoU comes in line with our cultural policy to expand our cultural activities beyond awarding prizes and contributing to quality initiatives. MBRL is a leading knowledge hub that has enriched the cultural scene with many distinguished events. Therefore, this collaboration constitutes an added value to the activities of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation, which has always appreciated and recognised talents.

“It also reflects our focus on the public cultural sphere across the society, promoting the value of culture as an essential tool that underlines the development of nations.” said Al Hashemi. The MoU sets a framework for implementing joint projects, exchanging information and documents of common interest, organising several joint events that serve relevant intellectual, scientific, and cultural issues.

Additionally, it helps connect the parties’ bibliographic databases and indexes, enabling collaborative partnerships between government bodies with regard to global electronic databases, knowledge sources, and digital books and magazines, to ensure optimal utilisation of available resources and streamlined spending.

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